Taxation Consultancy

Due to its high specialization, taxation necessitates expertise in tax planning, paperwork, and representation. The tax environment in India is dynamic and can be difficult for any business. Our main objective is to find opportunities for our clients to enable them to manage their affairs in the most tax-effective way possible. The company offers high-end experience in tax planning, tax consulting, and litigation services.

Our tax consulting services give our clients complete control, allowing them to adapt their plans to the ongoing tax laws and regulations changes. Our incredibly adept team of professionals effectively handles complex difficulties.

  • Tax & Statutory Compliance review
  • Domestic and International Transfer Pricing
  • Direct and indirect taxation advisory
  • International taxation advisory
  • Investigation and Special Purpose Audits
  • Representations and Litigation Support
  • Tax Due Diligence
  • Cross-Border transaction advisory
  • Regulatory Support under FEMA, and RBI guidelines

Goods and Service Tax (GST) Consultancy Services

Companies worldwide are looking for ways to grow into new regions because globalization is crucial to becoming a worldwide leader. To help businesses establish operations in India, we provide GST consulting services. We know that operating in several jurisdictions offers chances to save expenses and increase market share, but that doing business abroad is time-consuming and expensive due to the complicated rules. We have strong ties to our foreign affiliates overseas and are members of reputable international alliances. Our foreign affiliates have the technical know-how to guide you through the confusing web of national and international tax rules, including the Goods and Services Tax in India.

Income Tax Consultancy Services

  • Filing tax returns for all categories of assessees.
  • Filing TDS Returns for Corporate and individuals
  • Liaison with the income tax agency for correction, assessment, and refund requests, among other things.
  • Knowledge of challenging direct tax assessments.
  • Filing and presenting appeals in accordance with different IT Act provisions.
  • Special knowledge in litigation involving searches, seizures, and prosecution.
  • Advice on the possible acquisition’s future tax effects.
  • Opinions on numerous topics linked to the Double Tax Avoidance Agreement.
  • The resolution of numerous FEMA-related difficulties.
  • Consultation on a range of complex income tax-related issues.
  • Efficient tax planning, management, and advisory services.
  • Corporate tax planning and other tax strategies.
  • Designing or reorganizing the wage structure to reduce tax liability.
  • Getting tax rulings in advance.
  • Getting No Objection Certificates from the Income Tax Division.
  • Getting a PAN for employees, assessees, etc.
  • Estimated tax amount and deposit.
  • Determining the tax liability for future taxes.
  • Delivering frequent updates on amendments, circulars, notifications, and rulings.